A bit about me:

Basically, I’m a fat girl, who wants to run, to have better sex.

I’m 5ft 6.  I weight 17.6  stone. I wear a size 20, and have a 38G bust.  I hate my body at the moment.  (There are some great bits – did I say – I have a 38G bust!)  Like so many others out there, I want to do something about it.

I have no illusions that I’ll suddenly lose 9 stone and be a size 8.  That is not my goal.

I’d like to be a size 16.  Well – I’d really like to be a size 12 and weigh 11 stone, like I did before I had children; with a pelvic floor that didn’t fail on me every time I sneezed.  But lets be realistic.

My reasons for wanting to be thinner – I’m supposed to say – are to be fitter and healthier.  But those aren’t my reasons.  My real reasons…my real, personal goal – is to have better sex.

Yes that’s probably a little too honest.  But I like sex.  I have a boyfriend.  We have great sex with each other, and every now and again, we like to have same room, full swap sex with other people.

Writing that down so publicly is rather scary.  I’m sure you’ll judge me for it.  But I can’t be the only woman out there who wants to be thinner and sexier and happens to like sex with more than one person at a time.

Having said all that – I know that I am attractive to lots of men out there.  There are plenty of blokes who like a BBW.  But my boyfriend isn’t one of them.

So…I’m going to run.  Not just to please him.  But to please me.


2 thoughts on “A bit about me:”

  1. Best wishes for your plans. I have very gradually worked up my fitness over the years, and I’m convinced the only realistic strategy – whether you are running, cycling , swimming, whatever) is to work out what you can do now, then make your goal to just do a teeny bit more eventually. Once you can do that teeny bit more, aim for a teeny bit more again. Don’t compare your time, distance etc to anyone else. Only to what you used to be able to do. Then just keep on doing it. And, yeah, it’s great to play with more than one person sometimes!

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  2. Thank you ever so much for your advice! I’ve timed my route now, so I will try my best to beat my time sometime this week. 🙂 And, I’m glad you agree with me about playing! 😉


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